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Our objectives
2015-12-25 02:35:20 | Views: 621
• expanding the horizons of knowledge by adopting the programmed education and precise accurate research.
• Educating students in need of Islamic sciences and deepening the roots of faith.
• Providing general culture, mindful communication and generalizing the culture of moderation and the rational middle-ground in debate and tendencies.
• Improve cultural and scholarly, educational and moral situation.
• Preparing a scientific generation that has the ability to bring Islamic Science and modern humanities together.
• Preparing scientific staff that combine the elements of modernity with the heritage, and establishes the principles, thoughts and visions of the modern science with Islamic spirituality.
• Provide distinguished high education according to the global standards that integrated with the labour market requirements.
• Paying careful attention to the authentic sober scientific research and its ethics, and producing researches that serve strategic plans for Iraq and its community.
• Contributing in the quantitative and qualitative development in the scientific, cultural, educational events and scientific research.
• Qualifying of those who join it to teach sciences in educational institutions in the community.
• Inculcating social values and virtues, to avoid erroneous behaviors in all scientific and cognitive fields.

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